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freshly baked Dinkel bread with sunflower & pumpkin seeds, 17 hour aged hard barley bread, breadsticks made with stone mill barley flour, served with extra virgin Cretan olive oil, flaky salt and oregano                                                                                                                          


Baby gem lettuce salad, grilled chicken fillets, bacon vinaigrete, Caesar sauce, handmade sourdough bread croutons, dried bacon and parmesan


Prosciutto and mango salad, mixed salad leaves, radicchio, parmesan flakes, roasted almonds and orange dressing


Salad with wild rocket, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto Parma ham, dried dates chutney                               

Cretan salad with organic cherry tomatoes, Cretan cucumber, kritamon, carob rusks, goats’ cheese, avocado and purslane, extra virgin olive oil                                   



Soup of the day                                                                                                                          

Taramas with black olives                                                                                                                                   

Hummus, tahini and carrot, pan fried chickpeas with smoked paprika                  


Savoury tart with grilled vegetables, chѐvre goats’ cheese and framboise glaze                   


Beef carpaccio marinated with fresh herbs and lime, rocket pesto, truffle mayonnaise, aged Greek graviera cheese, pickled grain mustard                                                                                 

Millefeuille with crispy puff, prawns, button mushrooms and white truffle oil                       

Goats’ cheese wrapped in prosciutto from Evritania, oven baked, caramelized spicy cherry tomatoes, sourdough bread bruschetta with tender rocket leaves                                           


Homemade mackerel smoked with apricot wood, beetroot emulsion, walnut pesto, olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette



Spaghetti Carbonara with egg yolk, Cuanciale black pepper, parmesan

Paccheri with braised lamb, creamy bechamel and crunchy parmesan touille                        

Linguini with prawns, asparagus, salted cured black olives, chilli and mussel emulsion                                      

Langoustine with wild rice, beef fillets and prawn bisque                                                            

Mushroom risotto, with fresh wild mushrooms and pickled shimeji mushrooms, fresh truffle                             


Mafaldine with chicken, pistachio pesto and asparagus                                                                                                                                    



Lemon & thyme baked chicken with crushed potatoes, leeks                       


Beef fillet Black Angus USA, caramelized onion purée, molasses sauce and fried crispy onions                           

Salmon pave with aromatic tabouleh salad with bulgur wheat, tomato, olive oil & lemon dressing                            


Fresh cod fillet with boiled vegetable salad, asparagus and celery root purée, olive oil & lemon dressing             


Slow cooked lamb shank, with confit garlic flavored potato purée, sauteed red cabbage and smoked pork belly with apple vinegar                                                                   

Slow cooked pork belly, smoked on charcoal, smoked pork chutney, parsnip purée, mustard grain and carob sauce   



Flat iron steak Black Angus Aberdeen Australia  450 gr                                                                                                     

Hanging tender Black Angus USA 240 gr                                                                                                               

Rib eye Black Angus Uruguay 350 gr                                                                                                               

Prime rib eye Creekstone USA 350 gr                                                                                                                         SIDE DISHES

Τrippled cooked thick cut fries with flaky salt from Elafonisi served with feta and fresh herb mousse


Potato mash with black truffle and smoked parmesan                              


Baby vegetables with yuzu dressing                                                                                                          


Green peppercorn sauce                                     


Chimichurri sauce


Garlic emulsion                                                                                                                                                                 


Cured meats & cheeses, graviera with chilli flakes, manouri, dried anthotyros, galeni cream cheese, Parmesan, Jamon Iberico Kermes, pastrami, Mediterranean chorizo, walnuts, breadsticks and tomato marmalade        


Pallas Chania

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