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Low fat omelette with egg whites, asparagus and spinach


Zucchini omelette with potato, fresh tomato slices, feta cheese crumbles, graviera cheese, mint 


Smoked pork belly omelette with graviera cheese, onions and parsley


Omelette with goats’ cheese, asparagus 


Tomato scrambled eggs with feta cheese and fresh tomatoes 


Poached eggs with avocado, olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice with two slices of multigrain bread 


Poached eggs on sourdough bread, fuantre pork leg, graviera cheese sauce and fresh salad


Poached eggs on wholemeal bread, cream cheese, dill smoked salmon and avocado 


Poached eggs benedict on toasted brioche with bacon 


Poached eggs benedict on toasted brioche with smoked salmon 


Green toast with sourdough bread, avocado, boiled turkey, graviera cheese and a fried egg 


Free range organic eggs with cooking of your choice-poached, fried, boiled, scrambled, omelette


Additional sides for eggs-bacon-potato wedges -tomato -bread-avocado 




Pancakes with cream cheese smoked salmon, avocado and lemon zest


Pancakes red velvet with lemon cream, strawberries and biscuit


Pancakes with chocolate praline and grated biscuit 


add a fruit of your choice (banana or strawberry)



Greek strained yoghurt with avocado, blueberries, homemade granola and thyme honey


Coconut yoghurt, berries, raspberry puree, banana, kiwi and granola


Greek yoghurt with goji berry, granola & carob honey


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